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With all types of vehicles, maintenance and repairs is inevitable. With trucks especially, they require frequent maintenance and repairs because of the amount of kilometres they drive a day. At Universal Truck Bodies we can handle any type of van body maintenance or repair. One of the most frequent request we get from our clientele are liftgate repairs. The Liftgate/Tailgate is an enclosure or hinged flap found at the rear of the vehicle. The liftgate is designed to lift up or down the goods from the ground level to the trailer or from a loading dock to the level of the bed of the vehicle.

One of the mechanical issues that liftgate faces is that the hydraulic pumps that are used to bring up the load and down, can deteriorate. The hydraulic pumps itself can start to corrode over a period of time. We recommend checking the oil levels for the liftgate frequently. With trucks we always need to be thinking long-term sustainability because breakdowns are inevitable and are very costly when they occur.

At Universal Truck Bodies one of our specialties is liftgate repairs and we can assist you with any type of repair or replacement. Come to our office in Mississauga to get the best liftgate service.

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