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Questions or inquiry to ask before buying your next commercial truck body

Purchasing a new truck is a serious financial investment for an owner operator or someone trying to buy another truck for their fleet. When someone is buying a truck they need to weigh all of their options because if you buy the right truck it can last for 10-15 years and even more. With aging trucks in fleets, our team at Universal Truck Sales in Mississauga can assist in picking the right truck for your needs.

Be sure to ask yourself the following questions to make sure you get the best truck for your business.


1. Which features do you want vs. need?

Buying a new commercial truck is an important investment for any business or owner operator. The cost of your commercial truck bodies will increase, when you select features, options as you want or need. Certain features are added to create more efficiency for the driver.

Some Feature that owners customize is:

  • Floor thickness
  • Interior capacity size
  • Rolling door options
  • Back casing

We understand at Universal Truck Bodies that drivers depend on this truck, so it’s important that we select/customize to their needs.

2. What’s the financial plan?

Before you even start thinking about what kind of features you want on your truck and/or truck body you have to understand your financial budget. This will help you and the manufacturing team to start inquire in the best possible solution within the budget.

3. What will be the vehicle’s job?

Now that you’ve decided your price range, we can now decide the main use of the truck. We have built trucks and truck bodies for a variety of different industries with many specialized specifications. Some commercial vehicles are used to serve many functions. For example, your mobile maintenance vehicle might also serve as a short-haul equipment transporter. So you’ll have to make sure that the truck is built to service both demands.

4. What size are the items you’re transporting (size and weight)?

Now that you know what is the use of the truck, it’s time to select the truck body and it will depend on what type of goods you will be transporting. If you need a truck that can transport 8-10 big tubs, you’ll have to design a storage area that’s large enough to fit 10 big tubs and transport them securely. Understanding your capacity needs will help develop the proper sized body.

5. How are truck loads emptied?

If you’ll be using your truck at loading docks, you might not need a lift gate to help you load your cargo. If you’ll be loading and unloading from street level, a lift gate can be a lifesaver. We’ll be helping you choose the best lift gate for your operation and product. If you plan on using forklifts to load and unload your truck, it’d be wise to invest in more durable floors and a larger storage space.

Whether you are looking to customize your truck or your truck body, our team at Universal Truck Bodies can assist you.

Confused about all of the truck customization options, check out our truck modification guide. Still have questions, call us at 1 (866) 738 0310 or email us at info@universaltruckbodies.com.

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