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Roof Replacement Truck Body

With our team at Universal Truck Bodies we are experts when it comes to van body repairs. One of the most common issues in van bodies we come across are roof replacements as they occur with an aging van body.

A roof can be damaged from natural causes (rain and hail), an accident, or from the van body aging. The damages on a roof can be minor adjustments, such as fixing a hole or a dent. However when a roof is extensively damaged, we sometimes have to decide if repair or roof replacement is the best route. Although roof replacements are expensive as they require a lot of time and labour, when it is time to replace it is an inevitable expense.

If any of the below are in need of getting repaired or replaced don’t hesitate to call our team at Universal Truck Bodies.

We fix all roof requirements such as:

*Truck Body Roof Repair and Replacement

*Rear Roll-Up Door Repair and Replacement

*Upper Rail and Lower Rail Repair and Replacement

*Rust Damage Repair – Leaks

*Box Body Swaps

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