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Tailgate/Liftgate Sales and Repairs (New and Used)

The Tailgate/Liftgate is an enclosure or hinged flap found at the rear of the vehicle. It is placed in the boot space of a truck or vehicle. Universal Truck Bodies services ALL makes and models of power tailgate/liftgate, new and used. The weight capacity of tailgates depends from vehicle to vehicle from 1000 to 8000 lbs. Universal Truck Bodies part’s department carries majority of parts at all times to repair & service your tailgate/liftgate.

Why Universal Truck Bodies?

Whatever your truck model and make is, at Universal Truck Bodies we are fully capable of servicing your needs. Universal Truck Bodies works with steel and aluminum bases for tailgates and liftgates. No matter if the client will need a quick on ­the ­fly repair or a comprehensive electric power tailgate we will certainly complete the job speedily & skillfully. We are the experienced Truck Bodies repair location in the GTA.

The problems and issues at Universal Truck Bodies that we face on a daily basis:

  • Used up Pins of the truck
  • Truck spring repair and replacement
  • Replacement or repairing of vehicle pump
  • Truck Solenoid substitution
  • Deck ranking up pins
  • Chain replacement & repair of truck
  • Deck Maintenance tasks
  • Electric powered Difficulties
  • Deck Re­alignment
  • Oxidation vehicle repairs in addition to paint.

Most of us know the benefits of vehicles working properly each day. We try our best at Universal Truck Bodies to be able to provide long lasting solutions while providing a high level of client satisfaction. Come visit us at our location- 5725 Atlantic Drive, Mississauga ON.

We realize the importance of your equipment working properly every day. If the unfortunate should happen in the middle of your delivery day – do NOT hesitate to stop by our shop at 1180 Aerowood Dr for us to fix it for you promptly & professionally!

Call: (905) 696 0651 or Email: info@universaltruckbodies.com to Schedule A Repair.

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